TAS (Jonas Hellqvist) was born in Sweden in 1983. He started to experiment with music in December 2004. He doesn''t have any particular music style, it all depends on the mood he is in when he creates his own music. Jonas sees beyond the music, what he really notices are the sounds in the songs and tracks.

TAS doesn''t have any special musical background and have never played any instrument in his life...one thing is for sure, he has good musical taste and he creates amazing dark psy ambiances, so as forest since he belongs to nature and humanism.

"TAS" is abbreviation for "Toxic Anger Syndrome"...

TAS - Toxic Anger Syndrome

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------------------------ http://www.dark-records.com/toxic+anger+syndrome -------------------

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------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/toxicangersyndrome ----------------------------
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VA - SamowareZ [Triplag Music] (07. Vart Enda In I..? 151bpm)
http://www.triplag.com/sound/samowarez.htm (Free net CD)

VA - Distinctions [Import Exploit Records] (03. Lord of Darkness 154bpm)

VA - Screams Of Nature [D-A-R-K Records] (09. Stoned 158bpm)

EP - Somarobotics - The Three Within [D-A-R-K Records] (03. Cubes [Somarobotics Rmx] 152bpm)

VA - Keep The Faith! [Triplag Music] (08. Cubes 154bpm)



VA - Total Excess [Import Exploit Records] (05. Total Domination 156bpm)
http://www.importexploitrecords.com/ (Free net CD)

EP - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Conform Obey Consume [D-A-R-K Records.]
01. D-A-R-K Projekt 149bpm
02. Oops! 152bpm
03. Somarobotics - Magnetic Shield Octopus [TAS Rmx] 157bpm
04. FWD, REW 146bpm

VA - Cortical Stimulus [Unwashed Records] (01. Trip-Trap-Trull 148bpm)
http://www.unwashedrecords.com/ (Free net CD)

VA - Time For Nightmares [Import Exploit Records] (05. Paranoia 155bpm)
http://www.importexploitrecords.com/ (Free net CD)

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