DARKEP081 - Omnipresent Miscreants - No Bows On Our Presence - 2014

EP - Omnipresent Miscreants - No Bows On Our Presence (DARKEP081) 2014 - Front Cover

EP - Omnipresent Miscreants - No Bows On Our Presence (DARKEP081) 2014 - Back Cover

Artist: Omnipresent Miscreants
Title: No Bows On Our Presence
Label: D A-R-K Records: INP Series
Genre: Intelligent Night Psychedelic
Date: July 21, 2014
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 47:14

D A-R-K Records is very proud to present its 81st EP, in the Intelligent Night Psychedelic Series (INP Series), by the Omnipresent Miscreants with whom possibilities are now limitless.

Soon you will come to understand our Omnipresent Nature...

As you find us distorting reality in various locations at once; assuming control of Mankind\'s existence, in order to reveal to you your true selves, and what your beautiful energy has lost.

Through the Darkness... Have no fear... You will all once again become beings of Light.


01-Omnipresent Miscreants - You Are Not Safe (14:35) - 224bpm
02-Omnipresent Miscreants - No Matter Where You Go (7:57) - 200bpm
03-Omnipresent Miscreants - We Will Find You (6:54) - 350bpm
04-Omnipresent Miscreants - No Where to Run or Hide (7:48) - 175bpm
05-Omnipresent Miscreants - We Know Who You Are (8:50) - 210bpm

All tracks written and produced by: Destanie Grotts & Elliot Grotts, USA.
Mastering by: Priapizzm @ Izzm Studio, Hiroshima, Japan/USA.
Artwork Cover by: Chops Wanderweird & Anass Lahlou @ SourSweet Labs, Montreal, Canada.
Distributed by: ElectroD.me

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