Troglodytes is David Hall, 25 years old, & Fadi Acar, 29 years young. Both of them produce a uniquely dark forest style from their cave studio in Eskilstuna, 80km away from Psy-mecca Orebro. Both of them were born in Sweden. Being brought up in a musical family, Dave went to learn "Estethic music" for 3 years in College. He took a gap of some years and then did one year with a Folkschool learning to record music digitally through computers besides the theory including mic-placement, anatomy of the ear, analog vs digital, acoustics etc..

Dave''s first music influences were the 60-70s rock and 80 rock/hardrock in the house, later when he started getting his own impression of things, he tuned to rap/hip-hop in 1st grade school. He also began to Dj in School parties mainly playing dance music for a few years and also did some hip-hop music with cubasis.

In the year 95-96 Dave discovered what he considers real dance music - Goa Trance and immediately fell in love the first time he heard it.

Fadi has been influenced by his older bother and sister who brought him all kind of music. From hardrock to their folk music, assyrian traditional. In early age he started listening to hiphop, trance, goa from the early 90s.

Nowadays he listens to psy and gangstarap from Memphis USA, dirty south...Not the MTV commers though. Also reggae like Black Uhuru, Alpha Blondy, Israel Vibration and Steel Pulse. One drop!

Dave''s Cave studio consist of :

  • PC
  • Esi 1010 for audio
  • Esi M4U for midi
  • Fostex PM-1 active monitors
  • EG Loud Speakers


  • Cubase
  • Soundforge
  • Kontakt
  • Battery
  • And some more..


  • Access Virus A
  • Korg MS2000
  • Kurzwell K2000
  • Clavia Micro Modular
  • Ibanez analog delay (lo-fi beauty)
  • sm57/sm58 mics
  • Beyer dynamics headphones
  • Lexicon MX200
  • Novation Bass Station
  • Acoustic guitars, steel and nylon

Troglodytes'' Studio


Released one track on a free mp3 compilation "VA - Lost in the Forests" in the memory of Zolod.

VA Infernal Intuition on Insomnia Records, and also upcoming album on Insomnia in the future.

VA-Blah from Hypnotica Records

VA-Twisted Flavors on D-A-R-K Records

Upcoming release on Sanaton Records next VA.

A single to be released on upcoming "Stoneage Records" compilation "VA - Freakfactory 4".

VA-Ra-Con-Teur on D-A-R-K Records

They have played around on a bunch of all good-parties since some years now. Also played out of Sweden at "Transylvania calling 2004" in Romania - a gathering of Tribes.

Troglodytes aspire to force people that their music is the shit through subliminal phase cancellations, with an echo...time stretch more for everyday..

Dave aspires to play at Cool and Hot parties and maybe release some music on wax in the future ! This is the goal he holds high, to be pressed on Vinyl.

Fadi gets his satisfaction through people''s smile when they play their music. He would also like to travel to japan for a gig!

Website: <-- PsYcHeDeLiK Tranze¬ę

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