Alexander Angelevski was born in 1988, Bitola, Macedonia. His first contact with electronic music was with original hard techno.He discovered trance music in 1999. In the year 2000, he started his career by playing trance music as DJ at private party's, as he also began to produce his own underground trance music.In the paste 8-9 years, TreFko's style of music evolved. Introducing a new structure that showcases his tracks and gives them a unique blend of traveling, hard riffs, looping melodies, freaking atmospheres, powerful leads and mental rhythmic structures.The style he is currently working on now is combination of Psychedelic, Night, Full On with elements of Twisted, Space and Forest Trance. TreFko's main inspiration comes from nature, psychedelic culture and psychedelic partys.TreFkodelic music is created to make dance maniacs and psychedelic followers around the world appreciate and enjoy this new sound.

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