DARKEP051 - magicFungus - Fung Pung Tales - 2009

EP - magicFungus - Fung Pung Tales (DARKEP051) 2009 - Front Cover

EP - magicFungus - Fung Pung Tales (DARKEP051) 2009 - Back Cover

Artist: magicFungus
Title: Fung Pung Tales
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: March 24, 2009
Format: FLAC
Length: 55:24

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present their fifty-first EP, by magicFungus from Lithuania, the night psytrance project of Vytautas Valukonis.

magicFungus aka mFung aka Vytautas Valukuonis is interested in psytrance music since 2003, - performance - since 2007. During the beautiful autumn in 2008, he started psytrance music production. mFung's music has its own non traditional psychedelic sound with distorted soundscapes and deep drones.

The first connection with music was the musical class attendance. During the bloody unsuccessful attempts to play brass, Vytautas was beaten by a ruler many times. As a result, hard childhood and terrifying ambiance of Seskine area, influenced his future behavior and creativeness.

The main idea of his music is to tell people, that Chocolate is not guilty. Big Thanks to guys from D-A-R-K rec., and all the imaginary friends.

Fung Pung Tales is a brain warping, rich in texture and synths album which ought to make you dance like there was no tomorrow.


01-magicFungus - Without Us... (8:06) - 150bpm
02-magicFungus - Save the Planet... (8:05) - 149bpm
03-magicFungus - Problem in Space or Problematic Space?... (8:13) - 148bpm
04-magicFungus - Nerd... (7:36) - 150bpm
05-magicFungus - Destiny's Horse... (7:41) - 150bpm
06-magicFungus - Madcap Duck... (7:52) - 150bpm
07-magicFungus - Dancing Cachalot... (7:51) - 152bpm


All tracks written and produced by: Vytautas Valukuonis aka magicFungus, Swamp Tales, Lithuania.
Artwork by: Mitik.
Mastering by: Zenith Swamp Tales, Lithuania

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