DARKCD006 - VA - Magnetic Vibes - 2014

VA - Magnetic Vibes (DARKCD006) 2014 - Front Cover
VA - Magnetic Vibes (DARKCD006) 2014 - Back Cover

VA - Magnetic Vibes (DARKCD006) 2014 - CD

VA - Magnetic Vibes (DARKCD006) 2014

Catalogue nr.: DARKCD006
Media Format: CD
Presales date: June 21, 2014
Release date: July 31, 2014
Compiled by: Dj Autel, Italy.
Artwork by: Digital Mind.
Mastered by: Petran @ Echology Studios.
Distribution: DistElectronoic and ElectroD Sound Distribution


01-Illustrator vs Kacid - Kaleidosphere (8:39) - 148bpm
02-Atomas - Not Connected (7:26) - 149bpm
03-Spore - Tansy Grass (8:23) - 154bpm
04-Parasect - Suck My Chlorophyll (6:47) - 150bpm
05-Paul Karma - City Sofa Rebels (Remix) (6:47) - 152bpm
06-Silly Twit meets Gian - Witchess (7:05) - 149bpm
07-Drakphaser - Glitzersteine (8:23) - 148bpm
08-Atomental - Dark Scientist (7:54) - 150bpm
09-Daash - Double Daddy (6:56) - 158bpm
10-Energy Loop vs Mental Illness vs Pressman - Mental Illness (6:39) - 155bpm

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D A-R-K Records is proud to present its sixth CD release, compiled by D A-R-K Records Italian Manager, Dj Autel, VA - Magnetic Vibes (DARKCD006) 2014, mastered by Petran @ Echology Studios.

A journey into Magnetic Vibes is set along with Illustrator versus Kacid, Atomas, Spore, Parasect, Paul Karma, Silly Twit who meets Gian, Drakphaser, Atomental, Dassh and Energy Loop vs Mental Illness versus Pressman, all sound scientists needed to generate powerful magnetic vibes to drive your body, soul and spirit in complete harmony, perfectly arranged to transport you into deep trance, a mystical voyage throughout sound creation, one of the purest form of energy.

Magnetic Vibes are a very powerful form of energy that can penetrate the body's interior, without any incision or perforation, they simply go through matter and manipulate its natural magnetic properties, thus vibrations transmitted through frequencies can alter internal organs and of course, the brain.

We offer a marvelous clearing mind trip with the various frequencies and vibrations that our sound scientists chose to present us all along this high vibration compilation.

Let the magnetic flow carry your body, mind and soul into an amazing experience!

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