DARKCD002 - VA - Screams of Nature (CD) 2007

VA - Screams of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007

VA - Screams of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007

Catalogue nr.: DARKCD002
Media Format: CD
Release date: June 14, 2007
Distribution: Beatspace Distribution
Artwork by Prashant Palbhulkar
Compiled by: Pritam Borkar and Yves Thomassin
Mastered by: Vince Le Barde aka Electrypnose


1. Khooman - Aghushi (9:41)

2. Psybetyarok - Attack of the Mutant (7:04)

3. Neo Vox - Big Tit's Patrol (9:00)

4. Kundalini Project - Screams of Nature (7:53)

5. Malice in Wonderland - Run Away (6:43)

6. Oxidelic - Kiselina (8:34)

7. Karash - FLNJ (7:05)

8. Gain Reduction - Swardless (7:11)

9. TAS - Stoned (6:53)

10. SEKT - Join Us (7:13)

D-A-R-K Records Logo

D-A-R-K is proud to present its second compilation VA - Screams Of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007 mastered by Electrypnose. Through this second VA compilation, D-A-R-K crew based its idea on the alarms that Mother Nature is sending us more intensively in the last few years. The artists from all around the world have produced tracks that let the Screams Of Nature interpret by themselves. You will hear a mixture of fairly new upcoming artists and new well established projects as follows: Gain Reduction, Karash, Kundalini Project, Khooman, Malice In Wonderland, Neo Vox, Oxidelic (DJ D-Alien), Psybetyarok (NasCa and Longhi), TAS (Toxic Anger Syndrome) and SEKT.

VA - Screams of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007, as VA - Twisted Flavors (DARKCD001) 2006 is also a conceptual release. For this release, we intended to pay respect to our beloved Earth, which we have neglected in the last decades. This compilation ought to make you realize the importance of respecting the nature and to listen at the screams that she makes us hear in the past years in particular.

VA - Screams Of Nature (DARKCD002) 2007, D-A-R-K Records - Tribute

Screams of Nature attempts to unveil the beauty of the beast!

Humanity was brought into an amazing world that it could not even have possibly wished for. We usually perceive this world that, somewhere along the line we have come to call ours, as the most beautiful place there is to live in. This selfish assumption took form simply but only because we have absolutely nothing else to compare it with.

It is undoubtedly reasonable although unfortunate to say we live in a carefree world, more and more focused on economical and materialistic goals, intentionally put in place by overpowered authorities.

Too often, when someone lives in this seemingly idealistic world, all that is left for the common eye to see is one of many layers of commodities piled upon each other.

In our world, what we define as "original" has become the proliferation of standardized ideas. Copies became copies of copies.

We seem to have lost the ability to see beyond this artificial concept, to see that we have embedded ourselves in this corrupted environment that has remarkably replaced the absolute original, what we call nature.

We do not live our lives respecting nature anymore we pretentiously live above it, even carelessly off of it. In an amazing thrust of selfishness, humanity has made nature the sole provider of energy to fuel this human made nature in order to keep it alive.

With this compilation, the artists gave their best to interpret the screams of nature, unfortunately too often ignored. This wake-up call is especially intended to make us realize that although earth''s nature has become the sadly undisputed resource that maintain this artificial world alive, it is not to be taken for granted.

Inconsiderate as we are, we foolishly tried to outsmart nature as it is, but ultimately, it has woken up. Its deepest forces are screaming at us right about now to wake us up in turn.

Nature will always prevail. In yet another attempt, it is screaming out loud to advise us that it will soon take back its rightful place in our universe.

Respect nature, and nature will respect you!

Give back to what has allowed you over all these decades, centuries and millenniums, to be what you actually are.

We may live in a technological world and evolve as human being, Screams Of Nature will give you a good lesson and take back its due.

Hear the screams!

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